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Product Names and Descriptions

European Style Half-Round Gutter European Style Half-Round Gutter
Half-Round Gutter profile is unique in its design.

5" European Style Half-Round Gutter, 5 m length
6" European Style Half-Round Gutter, 5 m length


Half-Round Gutter Hooks Half-Round Gutter Hooks
The tabs in the front and back of the gutter hooks allow for quick and easy installation. Simply place the gutter inside the gutter hooks and fold the front tab up and around the front bead of the gutter and the back tab down inside of the gutter. The strength value of the gutter hooks makes it the right choice especially in snow and ice environments. 

5" Gutter hooks
6" Gutter hooks


Down Pipes Down Pipes
The downspout has a flared end at the top of the downspout. This flared end makes it very easy to overlap one downspout section into another, or an elbow into the flared end of the downspout.

3" Down pipe, 2 m or 3 m length
4" Down pipe, 2 m or 3 m length


Seamless Down Pipe Elbows Seamless Down Pipe Elbows
The seamless elbows don't have any crimps in the bend. The elbow design has a flared end just like the downspout making installation quicker, easier and more attractive.

72 Elbows for 3" down pipe
72 Elbows for 4" down pipe


Down Pipe Fastening Clamps Down Pipe Fastening Clamps

3" Down Pipe Fastening Clamp
4" Down Pipe Fastening Clamp


Collection Boxes Collection Boxes
The collection boxes have a unique design. The collection box requires no soldering. They simply connect right onto the gutter. Prior to installation a hole is cut in the bottom of the gutter proportional to the downspout size so water can drain out.

Collection box 5" gutter to 3" down pipe
Collection box 6" gutter to 4" down pipe
Collection box 6" gutter to 3" down pipe


Inside Corner.jpg (29336 bytes)
Outside Corner.jpg (27632 bytes)
Half-Round Gutter Corners
The Gutter Corners are unique because of the seamless construction. The one piece seamless corner design allows for a quick installation with less soldering.

5" Inside/Outside Corner 90
6" Inside/Outside Corner 90


Flat End Caps
Spherical End Caps
End Caps
End caps are available in two different styles: flat and spherical (half round). The flat end caps come as left, right or universal. The spherical end caps are universal and can be used on either end of the gutter.

Flat end for 5" or 6" gutter, left, right, universal 
Spherical end for 5" or 6" gutter


Wire Strainer.jpg (36852 bytes) Wire Strainer
Wire strainer prevents leaves and debris from clogging your downspouts allowing rainwater to flow freely.

3" Wire Strainer
4" Wire Strainer


Down Pipe Earflap
With opening the earflap you can redirect and save the rainwater.

3" Earflap 
4" Earflap

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